Selenium Automation Tool- Remarkable Features

Selenium is an open source web application computerization mechanical assembly by ThoughtWorks (IT outsourcing association). It has 4 portions. Out of which one section i.e. Selenium Remote Control was made by a Jason Huggins gather in 2004.

It was fundamentally made in DHTML/Javascript when they were wearing down time and cost application written in Python programming vernacular. A short time later, Simon Stewart has developed another part that is called as Webdriver in 2006 to beat the disadvantages looked in Remote Control. Moreover, post that Remote Control and Webdriver were joined and made Selenium Webdriver.

They have named this instrument as Selenium in light of a blend segment in Chemistry which is used to destroy Mercury compound segment. Mercury gadget which is by and by called as UFT was the most noticeable computerization instrument.


It has 4 particular portions that are:

  • Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
  • 1.0 (Also called as Remote Control)
  • 2.0/3.0 (Also called as Webdriver)
  • Selenium GRID

It reinforces different working structures, various projects and diverse lingos. It gives you flexibility to pick the vernacular in which you have capacity. Following is the summary:

  • Multiple Programming Languages : Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, Perl, JavaScript
  • Multiple Operating Systems : Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Mac, Solaris
  • Multiple Browsers : Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Opera, Safari et cetera

It is known for its execution and execution speed. We should discuss the particular sections of it:

  1. Selenium IDE:

It is a record and play mechanical assembly and a module of firefox. This module is used to make models of tests. Following are the features of this mechanical assembly:

  • Easy to present
  • Test Scripts are made by essentially tap on record get
  • Can record, adjust and investigate substance
  • Simplest way to deal with learn Selenium phonetic structure.
  • Test Scripts can be outside made in different lingos like Python with Remote Control, Java with Webdriver, Java with Remote Control, Ruby with Remote Control et cetera
  1. Selenium 1.0 (Remote Control):

This was the principle section made in Selenium Suite. It wound up well known by virtue of this part. It works in following way:

  1. Using this portion, we form test substance which partners with Remote Control Server.
  2. Server deciphers the code and changes over it into javascript and moreover injected into the projects.
  3. Javascript gets executed at the program and response is sent back to the server which progresses it to the customer.

There were various hindrances in this gadget that is:

  • Confusing orders.
  • Remote Control Server goes about as a go between which makes its execution slower.
  • Use of Javascript
  1. Selenium Webdriver (2.0/3.0):

After Selenium RC, Webdriver has come which make its outline all the more less intricate. By and by, there is no server. Test Scripts team up particularly with the program. The execution is extensively speedier stood out from Remote Control. Commands were segregated in different classes which end up being straightforward for end customer to recall and to complete.

Multi year back, It has impelled another frame that is 3.0 which is impressively lighter thanĀ  2.0. There are next to no change done which influence the end customer yet extraordinary were done at the backend. Sentence structure for stacking Firefox has been changed to following:

System.setProperty(“webdriver.gecko.driver”,”path to gecko driver”);

Webdriver driver = new FirefoxDriver;

  1. Selenium GRID:

It is used for parallel testing. This section engages us to execute robotization framework on different machines put at different zones. Nevertheless, every one of the machines should be related on a Local Area Network. It can be used with Remote Control and what’s more with Webdriver. In the event that it’s not all that much inconvenience observe that Remote Control classes have been rebuked now. Thusly, we couldn’t use this portion with Remote Control.

Things which Selenium offers anyway others doesn’t are:-

  • No Fee i.e. Free Tool (A more noteworthy factor)
  • Support for various tongues you can use Java, C#, Python and ROR et cetera to make test cases.
  • Lots of Testing frameworks to peruse (others have only a solitary pre-described structure to be used).
  • Execute tests in parallel on various OS, program blends using Selenium Grid
  • Supports all the common projects and structures (others too support different projects)
  • Integrate with DEV and CI condition perfectly
  • Most basic: Already created and all the additionally creating usage of Selenium in electronic testing, that generally every QA opening notification that individual should consider Selenium. Thusly, an awesome motivating force to your calling, scope of capacities and resume.

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